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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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it was found near grizzly pk boulevard above the u-c bery campus. tonight, a hiker makes a disturbing discovery. >> found above the uc berkeley boulevard. this happened in fairly rugged terrain, right? >> reporter: it can be. the hiker came across the body
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200 feet below where i am now. the trails can be tricky and every now and then people who go down there never make it back up. >> reporter: the trails along the boulevard, popular with hikers and people who want to take in spectacular views. christopher has been coming here for years. >> my buddies like to back road. wonderful viewing of all of the bay area. >> reporter: but on this day, the view included a possible crime scene with the police, firefighters and a coroner's van after a hiker stumbled across a body the side of a trail. >> she came upon the body and tried to administer first aid but realized the person was deceased. >> reporter: found at the base of a tkra feety-colored bolder. easy to climb up and fall off. people died here before. >> a year ago. we did have the witnesses an individual climbed up the rock and fell down. this person was found in a similar area. >> reporter: firecrews snaked down the berkeley hills to bring up the body while investigators looked over the
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car, probably left behind by the victim. but, so far there are no known witnesses, so the police can not be sure what happened. >> it is slippery. if you are not careful you can fall and hurt yourself very badly. >> reporter: it is a popular spot with a killer view that claimed another life. still no identity on the body. it looks like a hispanic man in his 20s. no reason to suspect foul play was involved. brian webb, back to you. in other news, a windy day and night here. the gusty weather will continue here for awhile as we look at the flag on top of the ferry building. all of the winds fueled by deep low pressure off of oregon, pushing strong onshore winds over the bay. we will get gust over 40 miles an hour in the higher elevations tonight. not so bad below. big changes are coming midweek. we will have the forecast for you in just a few minutes. well, tonight, pleasant hill police are asking the
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public for help finding a coninstruction worker who has not been seen for two days. sharon chin on what he was doing right before he vanished. >> reporter: 31-year-old jason adams left elite k-9 daycare around 9:00 on friday morning to run an hour's worth of errands for his friend, the daycare's owner. >> he was supposed to go to pick up a day laborer and get kennels from my dad's shop. >> reporter: adams never returned. friends called but his cell phone died at 10:30 a.m. >> the kennels he was supposed to get are still there. so, we don't think that he made it there. >> reporter: the police are checking surveillance tapes to see if he picked up a random day laborer outside of home depot or lowe's like he dropped off of the grid. >> it can not be real. my son is a really honest,
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always been a dependable person, he is not like a party boy. and, he disappeared. i just want him home. >> reporter: 6 '1, 155 pound jason adams drove off in his pick up truck. a ivory colored harvester with black rims and license plate 1 long ih. his family rented a helicopter and spread the word through social media and flyers but so far, no sign of the construction worker. sharon chin, kpix5. >> the police are checking cell phone records and surveillance video from toll bridges. tonight, oakland police released a photo of a car they are calling a vehicle of interest in a shooting that left a girl in critical condition. they want to find the sedan and its owner. no suspects were arrested. remember, the girl was hit by a hail of bullets as she played in her front yard. they believe another man, shot in the leg, was the intended
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target. he is expected to be okay. now, last tv ad released before the june primary, the race is tight because the district's have been redrawn, producing the first asian american majority outside of hawaii. the ad debuts tomorrow. >> refusing all debates, now, slinging mud. >> the attack ad denounces honda as a politician of the past. calls cona an upgrade. we reached out to honda that that e-mailed this statement $9million in federal funding from the b.a.r.t extension to millions in grants for homeless and at risk veterans, the congressman has a strong record for delivering for all of the people of his district, that is what matters the most in this
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campaign. other political news, a can date for oughtittor controller is out of the running after being charged for voter fraud. she withdrawn from the race, the district attorney says knox lied about being a resident of the county and actually lives in contra costa county. she appeared in court earlier this month where she pled not get to fraud. when a reporter asked her to claireifiy where she lived she refused to answer. she answered a statement saying the decisions of the events are overwhelming and my focus has to be on my family, my business and private life. her name will still appear on the skwraoup 3rd ballot. shipments of crude by rail into california are expected to increase 25 fold in the next two years. with derailments and explosions on the rise in other parts of the country, you would think the state is making sure the railroads here are in good condition.
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but, we found out otherwise. >> reporter: michael's walk with his dog, et, are a reminder. the old railroad bridge that pittsburgh resident passes under every day rattles and shakes every time a train goes by. >> i see it moving when i am walking underneath it t is scary. >> reporter: it is one of the busiest bay area routes. it could soon get a whole lot busier. they are traveling through the bay area. the state predicts many more will be delivering the highly vol tile load. it is the same crude that has been exploding in derailments all over north america. >> any time you have an increase of traffic, there is an increased chance that there will be a derailment. >> reporter: paul skeupbg with the california public utility commission. the agency charged with inspecting railroads. he says with 38 inspectors they are getting the job done.
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with one exception. >> none of our inspectors are tasked or dedicated to inspecting bridges. >> reporter: it turns out the puc is only inspecting the tracks. not the bridge structures. the agency admits in a report to the legislature that is a potential risk because there is hardly any federal oversight, either. >> there is one federal inspector, federal railroad administration inspector for the state. >> they would require the railroads to look at each bridge once a year. they don't have access to the information for an estimated 5,000 to 7,000 bridges. >> reporter: that is just an estimate. railroads do not give out hard numbers or any data for that matter. we put in a freedom for information act for inspections on one bridge, that was more than a month ago and still, no answer. >> it is a very serious situation. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill sits on the energy commission t should be their
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job to inspect tracks and bridges. >> these bridges, in some cases, over 100 years old, never been replaced. never been brought up to newer standards, that is their responsibility. >> reporter: we asked the puc's paul king about that. >> why don't they inspect railroad bridges? >> all of our inspectors are dedicated by budget of frugals. >> we heard those excuses since the san bruno explosion. >> reporter: burlington northern has done repairs. >> look right here. here is the spot that was patched last week. he wonders what say patch job going to do? >> i think it is time for an upgrade. >> reporter: back to you. >> governor brown's budget calls for $8 million in funding for railroad safety including a bridge oversight plan to be run by the puc. as for burlington northern they tell us they are proud of their
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inspection program that goes above and beyond federal requirements. well, calmer winds and cooler temperatures tonight have been a big help in san diego county. gaining control of a fury of wildfires that destroyed 47 homes. all evacuation orders have been lifted but four of the fires are still burning tonight. we report that the governor's warning things will only get worse. >> humanity is on a collision course with nature. >> reporter: jerry brown says california could be in for the worst wildfire season ever, he says climate change is to blame. >> as we send billions and billions of heat-trapping gases we get heat and fires and with we get what we see is. >> reporter: cal fire responded to 1500 fires this year compared to 800 during an average year. it went to peak staffing earlier, as well. the first week of april instead of the usual start in mid-may.
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the state now has five,000 firefighters and earmarked $600 million for battling wildfires. that may not be enough. brown says thousands of additional tpaoeurlts may be needed as they try to adapt to the new conditions, but, building a political consensus will not be easy. >> i think republicans need to recognize that it is an important issue to people and to strike the right balance. and the common ground is making sure we are not making pollution worse, not only here in california but worldwide. >> reporter: republican strategist regearing to businesses that send manufacturing to china as other republicans deny climate change all together. but brown says the time to act is now. >> we got to gear up for it. and the climate changes, this is going to be a radically different future than was our historic past. in the meantime, all we can do is fight all of these damn fires. >> reporter: governor brown is
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going to speak at a conferences focused on agricultural tomorrow in san francisco. back to you. a disease thousands of miles away in plants can raise the price of your coffee. the shops likely to take the hit and even the u.s. government is stepping in. he won two races on the road, the triple crown, why california chrome might lose a shot at a third by a nose. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this year -- organizers prod they were paying attention. kpix reporter john ramos shs us the crowds, the noise, beta breakers organizers proved they were paying attention, john ramos shows us the path from the bay to the breakers never did run smooth. >> this was it. the year the beta breakers are going to straighten up and go according to plan. which is why the race started 25 minutes late. >> a few delays in equipment that we will make sure was in place prior to the race starting. for the safety of the race. >> reporter: organizers were all about safety this year. so, runners were herded on to side streets in what they called corrals. [screaming] >> reporter: and when the race finally did start, if you missed it, that is okay. [screaming] >> reporter: because they started it again. and again every time a new corral was opened up. but, honestly, it did not seem to dampen the mood much. >> in england, 1,000 to 2,000
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people. wow! [ laughter ] look at all of these people, yes, crazy. i mean, just look at them. you can't -- you can not ignore all of the fun. >> reporter: this year there were bans on alcohol and nudity which met with limited compliance and no wheeled devices were allowed that left parents shouldering a lot of responsibility. >> usually we do the jogging stroller, they changed the rule, so, using the backpack. >> reporter: things look different at the top of haze hill. the entire profession was walled off from the neighborhood. >> look at it. look how many knuckleheads are out here, drunk, so, if you baby-sit them along the strip you are good. >> they closed it down, i can not nap there this year. so, it is a big problem. but we are getting exercise, we are walking the whole way. >> reporter: people still enjoyed themselves but attendance less than half of that of three years ago. and there are those who feel
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cleaning up beta breakers it sort of mises the stphaoeupbt anyone complains, you are in san francisco, the best city in the world, get a life, have fun, one day a year, it is a cultural institution, we love it. >> reporter: in san francisco, back to you. >> the police did make a total of 28 arrests, mostly for public intoxication, at least three runners were take tone the hospital for injuries, and work crews picked up 10.5 tons of trash. california chrome has won two of three jewels in horse racing's triple crown, but there could be a problem winning the third. the horse has worn nasal strips to help him breathe easier during both the kentucky derby and the preakness but those strips are against the rules in new york where the third race, the belmont is run. >> this is going to be put pressure on new york because california chrome is going for the triple crown. and, there will be over 100,000 people at the races that day and it brought a lot of
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attention. this horse is now really popular in america. kind of the america's horse. >> california chrome's owner and trainer will need special permission to use the strips in the belmont f. they are denied they say they can scratch the horse from the race. another megamerger to report tonight. at&, it is as they are going to buy direct tv for $49 billion. that gets at&t access to customer who's subscribe to direct tv285 channels. within a few years consumers can expect to get more direct tv content on their mobile devices. at&t and direct tv expect to close the deal in a year if the government says yes. a devastating plant disease, thousands of miles away, could mean higher coffee prices for you. so bad, the government is setting in to fight it.
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>> coffee disease, the popular beans are especially susceptible. >> in the worst form it destroys the trees and prevents future years from having agricultural output on those farms. >> reporter: coffee rust hit hardest in quadraplegic, panama and costa rica. >> a disease that has been around for a long time. we believe that hotter and drier growing -- guatemala, panama and coastaricca. >> a disease that has been around for a long time. we believe that hotter and drier growing caused it. >> reporter: at least half a million jobs could be wiped out, severely impacting those dependent on the crop's income. large companies like star bucks and curie green mountain beefed up their supplies to avoid
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raising prices, the smaller boutique coffeehouses that may feel the jolt. back to you. >> tomorrow, the u.s. government will announce a $5 million partnership with texas a&m university world coffee research center. they will work to try to keep the fungus from spending. lovers of earth science t is may 18th. may 18th. a big day in earth science history. i want you to think about what happened on this date in 1980. we will answer it in a minute. first, the numbers outside. winds gusting to 25 miles an hour around the bay area. the numbers, upper 50s for the most part. under fair skies, you can see the wind still blowing at sfo at 20 miles an hour and out of the west at 16 and southwesterly at fairfield and, as we head out in late night and fog and low clouds and fair skies. , and the numbers will be in the middle to upper 50s under partly cloudy conditions. not a bad start to the day but the winds hanging around for awhile. breezy, cool, high pressure
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over the southwest. and the high pressure off of the pacific northwest. and as a result the winds get kicked up. the clouds increase on monday and tuesday leading to a microscopic chance of a thunder bumper or two. and off of the pacific northwest on may 18th 1980. the man was literally running for his life early one sunday morning. >> i never thought i would say this but at this moment i honest to god believe i am dead. >> the eruption of mount saint helens that sunday morning in 1980. the man that you just heard from barely escaped. ash spread over 11 states and it is a reminder that we live in this. volcano country. that is a bubbling mud pot from the last volcano to erupt in california. as you can see this volcano is
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still all steamed up. for good reason, mount lasin there it is. began erupting in 1914 and did not stop until 1923. it was the last volcano to erupt in our state. it happened before, it will happen again. today it is nice and peaceful. for tomorrow, we will be the same. good weather in the bay area. 69 degrees, san jose. 72 in gilroy, as we look at fault to livermore, high, 69 degrees, the weather remains on the cool side and on the windy side. the numbers get upper 60s in the east bay. pleasant hill, and 69 degrees. more of the same up to 71. santa rose a68. and in the city tomorrow. it will be 62 degrees downtown and 61 at the sunset district. extended forecast, though, calling for changes after clouds on tuesday and wednesday. going to be looking for things to warm up again. the latter half of the week, this time next year, near 90
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degrees again and we will get there on wednesday. in the meantime, fairly cool weather. ann? >> well, brian, the happiest place on earth if you can afford to get in. how much it will set you back now to get into disneyland. california chrome, one step away from winning the triple crown. warrior fans, jackson was unjustly fired. why is steve the right guy? >> vision, class, multifaceted in his approach. he will be working with the management and the players are going to love him. >> i think he will be pro steve. we will have more coming up next on "gameday" heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors.
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earth... were not very happy this weekend. without warning, disneyland raised the price of a singly ticket for visitors ages 10 and up -- to 96- dollars. 92-dollars... a without warning, disneyland raised the price of a single day ticket for visitors 10 and up to $96. that is up from $92. 4% increase if it goes up 4% next year it will be at $100. you have to see this video. a slick move by a young baseball fan after he catches a foul ball. priceless. stay tuned ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yesterday's blue jays-range matchup. it happened when the third coach tossed him a foul bal :21 watch what he does...i her the other ball (laughte :36 a young baseball player pulled off the play of the game. >> i love this story. it happened when the 3rd bass coach tossed him a foul ball. >> watch what he does. he catches that baseball and then turns to the group of young ladies behind him and says ladies, would you like a ball? and they are awe. aren't you so sweet. then he does -- i gave her the other ball. [ laughter ] >> so, watch it again. the boy turned around, he offered a baseball the young lady behind him. yes, it was not the game ball.
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a different baseball. the one he had in his mit. clever. >> yes. nice. i will not give you the good one. we'll be right back. ,, the car with an estimated 45 miles per gallon highway. the car with almost 900 miles between fill-ups. the car road & track called america's most fuel efficient new car, isn't a prius. surprised? state of the art clean diesel technology. a fuel-efficient eco start/stop system. engineered to virtually sip fuel. the mercedes-benz e250 bluetec. defying expectations. again.
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